Friday, 26 September 2014

Facebook Privacy Settings and How to Use them

After reading a post about how someone's face was morphed into a (semi) nude photo only because the photo was easily available on Facebook, I let them know that WE can control most of what we share on Facebook by just understanding and changing the default privacy settings of our Facebook account. This will help prevent access to and misuse of your information to a large extent. Of course, this is not completely foolproof, but you do avoid the risk of some pervert stranger landing on your profile and being able to check your pictures and other information about you.

So let's get started.


Before we create safeguards against strangers, first, let us filter the people who are already on our friend list, who already have access to our profile and the things we share. This process will allow us to segregate those we are most comfortable sharing everything with, those with whom we want to share only the general stuff, and everything and everyone in between. For this we create Lists that classify people into various categories.