Saturday, 3 August 2013

Grammar Police #1

So my husband says certain things slightly weirdly, in the sense that they may not be grammatically correct. It's weird because he does this on purpose just to annoy me, and that too, in Hindi.

For example, the won't say, ‘Volume kam kar’ when he wants me to reduce the volume; instead he will say ‘Volume chota kar.’

Another annoying example would be him saying ‘Fan chhod’ instead of ‘Fan chaalu kar.’

Tonight he said, ‘A.C. chhod,’ and I switched it on without arguing or trying to correct him. A few minutes later when I came out of the bathroom, I realised that even though it was on, it wasn't ‘on’ as in, it wasn't making that noise it usually makes.

So I asked him, ‘A.C. choota nahi ab tak?’ trying to mock him by saying something that sounded even more ridiculous than what he said.

He immediately said, ‘Bell kahan baji ab tak??’


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