Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Facebook Etiquette

I've been around (actively) on Facebook for almost four years now and in those four years I have seen people post, comment, assume, overreact to someone else's posts and do numerous other things that I doubt they would do/talk about/implement/say to someone's face in real life. What's more, I have seen people project themselves as someone they're not and in the process make a fool of themselves. Now I really don't care about what kind of image they are creating of themselves, but when I am involved somewhere, I believe I do have the right to be concerned and I am well within my rights when I choose to object to some of the nonsense that goes around in the virtual world.

This, however, wouldn't have been the case if we all followed a few simple rules and basic online etiquette because not following these basic rules has resulted in having the opposite effect of what Facebook was intended to have. It's obvious that these rules are not written anywhere because THIS is not how Mark Zuckerberg thought people would behave when he created Facebook so he didn't feel the need to put them down in print. But I think it is needed and it is needed now.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Is it too much to ask?

I may not have always been like this, but I have noticed this in the past few years and I am not ashamed of it, most certainly not. The thing about me is that I like to ‘enjoy’ things. Let me explain this a little further. For instance, let’s say I am taking a nap; I want to enjoy the nap, so much that I absolutely despise interruptions in any form whatsoever. It could be the beep on my phone from a message, or the doorbell, or someone (my sister) deliberately singing/talking on the phone in the same room as I have been sleeping/napping when there are three other places in the house good enough for them (her) to do so, or simply any other sound or noise in the surroundings.

I take it to a whole another level when I’m actually sleeping (as opposed to just napping.) I don’t like even the faintest streak of light or the tiniest bit of sound (add breathing loudly or worse, SNORING, to the list above) and I really want the room to be cool, if not cold. But that doesn’t happen always. And it’s annoying. So annoying.