Tuesday, 4 September 2012

This is like, soooo freaky!!!

I mean, you would not expect an electronic device to behave this way, suddenly out of the blue, but I just had the freakiest experience a few minutes ago.

For the last so many weeks, I haven't been able to access the internet on my computer at home although I have been able to browse wireless-ly. When I called my service provider and they asked me to check this and that on my computer, we sort of figured out that the LAN drivers on my computer were not there; probably wiped out by a virus or something, and to be able to access the internet, I would have to re-install the drivers. When I tried to do that from a CD, I realised that something was wrong with the CD drive as well.

Thankfully, I had a spare laptop on which I could use internet using Wifi, because let's face it, there's only so much browsing you can do on your phone (even if it's the iPhone.)

But there was still one problem. All of my files were on the PC and to be able to use them/send them via e-mail, I needed to run back and forth between the two computers with a pen drive, which is troublesome, but there was no other way to do it. I had installed most of the softwares I needed to use with the exception of Windows Live Movie Maker (which I couldn't) which meant that I had to use the home PC to be able to edit my videos and then take the file on a pen drive and then upload it using the laptop. It was a long process, but after almost two months of the computer being this way, I was kind of getting used to it.

This evening, I had to send the opening credits of a video tutorial to a fellow Design Team member and I edited and saved the file on the PC. As I pulled the CPU out to insert the pen drive, the screen suddenly went blue with some weird message on it asking me to restart if it was the first time I was seeing the message. So I immediately pressed the restart button, which didn't do much because the stupid thing didn't start, thus crossing the line from being a slightly useful device to becoming completely useless.

I turned the main switch off and decided to start it again. Didn't work. Turned the main switch off again and this time, I decided to wait for about ten minutes (to let it cool off, so to speak) before I decided to try again, and when I did, I got the same result. I kind of panicked because I really had to send that file. I immediately sent an email from my phone explaining the problem and said that I would try again in sometime, around 10ish.

An hour or so later, I started it again and although the machine made a noise, it didn't start. I was about to lose it because this happens only when someone in the house is on a deadline and something needs to be done on the computer/internet that very instant. I decided to hit the machine a few times (like we used to hit our 22 year old Sony TV - that my dad bought in 1985, just to be able to see something on the screen) hoping that it would work, but it didn't. And then I realised something.

You see, the computer that we have at home, was purchased exactly a year and a day ago from my sister's friend who wanted to upgrade his one year old computer for an iMac for his music recording needs. Given that we had an eight year old computer (yeah, we use electronic devices till they kind of give away) and he was selling a new computer with a (much) faster processor and everything for barely 10,000 rupees; we jumped at the offer. But this computer wasn't a saint and once in a few months, it simply refused to start. I was annoyed, because it was supposed to be a new computer and I asked him how to deal with it, and he said I had to treat it like a little baby and pat it softly on it's CPU and it would start. I thought he was kidding, but when I did, I kid you not - it started. Not just that one time, but quite a few times after that.

I decided to try that this time, and bingo, within two seconds, I heard that familiar beep I was used to hearing every time it started. The computer had started!

I was dumbfounded. How could a machine react like that?? What is it, if not freaky??? I immediately called my sister and narrated the whole thing to her and she was as surprised as I was.

What's more, when the computer started, I got a pop up window (offline message) on Gtalk! Wasn't I told that my LAN drivers were wiped off and I needed to install them before I could use the internet?? Something's up with that machine and I need to know what. I need answers. And I need them now.

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