Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My date on a rainy August evening

Today has been one of those afternoons when you're grateful to be back home from work, although, technically, 4.30 PM isn't afternoon but when compared with 7ish, it kind of seems right. I didn't have to wait for the bus for long and everything seemed to be going perfect as I lay down on my couch at home after a late lunch, relaxed and watching 'Kick Ass' on TV, when the electricity went off. I almost cursed. Tuesdays are not the days when they do that. This treatment is reserved for Fridays, and even then, we know when to expect it. But this was totally unplanned, this sudden cut off and I didn't know what to do.

I was comfortably settled on my couch and getting up even to open the windows seemed like too much of an effort given that I had just had lunch. But unless I wanted to feel stuffy in a few minutes, I knew I would have to get off my lazy ass and do it. While I was walking dragging myself through the six odd steps from the couch to the window, I started thinking about what I would do to pass the time, and the first thought I had was to play 'Temple Run' on my phone.

I opened the window all the way to let in the cool air and rushed back towards the couch with a new enthusiasm that only Temple Run can instill. I picked up my phone and was satisfied to see that the battery indicated 65%, which meant I could play for upto twenty minutes without draining it too much in case MSEB decided to drag this on for a couple of hours.

As I was about to unlock my phone, I noticed something on the table next to my couch; it was the book that I have been reading, titled "The Village" by Nikita Lalwani.

Although I had bought it just because of the author's first name, the story was captivating and I had been reading it at every chance that I got (and that meant on my bus journey to and from work, and for a couple of minutes before I went to bed because those were the only times I wasn't doing anything else.) I had been reading it on my way back home and just looking at the cover made me want to continue reading it as I was reminded of the point at which I had stopped while I was getting off the bus, and it made me want to know what happened next.

I immediately lifted it and walked towards the chair near my window. I settled on it comfortably, book open, the natural air softly kissing my face, the absence of electricity creating a quiet just right to be able to read. I was able to enjoy the story for about ten minutes when a soft sound from my land-line phone and the loud noise from my TV, indicated that the electricity was back. As I had only missed a few minutes of 'Kick Ass,' I decided it wouldn't kill to continue watching the movie; I could go back to my book any time. So I lay on my couch again, with my head rested on the arm-rest and the remote control on my tummy, ready to watch the fake super hero trying to kick some ass and getting his ass kicked in the process. Ironical, I know, but maybe if I had watched the whole movie, I would've known for sure if it in fact, was ironical or not.

Anyway, ten to fifteen minutes into the movie (I am not exactly sure how long,) it happened again. The TV screen went blank and I could hear the silence pinching my ears as everything around me went quiet now that there was no way for any artificial sound to exist without electricity. I didn't waste two seconds in making up my mind this time. The book was lying on my chair anyway. All I had to was walk over there, take the bookmark out, and start reading. I didn't even have to bother opening the window again because I had left it open. I got lost in the world of "The Village" once again.

I wasn't that I wasn't enjoying myself, but something seemed to be missing. I realised that with the beautiful weather outside - the cloudy and overcast sky, the cool breeze as a result of the on-and-off rains throughout the past two days; it was the perfect day to sit next to the window and read. So what else did I need? A cup of coffee, that's what!

People dream of huge mansions, jewellery, lavish vacations; I dream of reading in a coffee shop. So what, if I was at home? I could certainly make a cup of coffee. There was one hitch, though. There was no electricity and since it was cloudy, there wasn't enough light for me to be able to work in the kitchen even to make a cup of coffee. But I didn't lose heart. Based on my experience in the past few minutes, I knew it was a matter of time before it would be back. All I had to do was wait patiently for about five more minutes.

And sure enough, as expected, my phone and TV beeped again just the way they had a few minutes ago. I carefully put the bookmark in place and left the book on the chair as I made my way to the kitchen, but not before turning the TV off. I didn't care if there was electricity. I planned to have a date right there with my book and a nice cuppa, and there was no way I was going to let anything spoil that.

In a matter of minutes, I had my cup ready (and it matched the cover of my book, if I may add :P)

After I long time, I read a book they way I always dreamed of reading one (expect for taking some time to click some pictures in between, but I had a wonderful time nonetheless.) It was almost 6.30ish, and it was a little difficult to just rely on the natural light to read the book no matter how close I sat to the window. But I had it under control. I just needed to turn the lights on. And not just any light, my "reading-nook" light.

Ah, bliss!

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