Saturday, 18 August 2012

A whole lot of nothing

I've been wanting to write for a really long time. So much that sentences have been forming in my head while I'm walking down the street or listening to music or taking a shower. (Actually a lot of ideas come up in the shower. I wonder if it's just me or it happens to everyone. But that's a post for another time.) And now that I am home alone (for the next thirty minutes or so) it seems to be the perfect environment to come up with a decent piece of writing, what with the peace and quiet around the house and all. Because once the other ladies in the house are back, the hustle bustle in the house will go on till after midnight, and I am trying to not be the night owl that I was before for many reasons, the top most being that I am trying to get rid of my dark circles because I am getting married in less than seven months.

A few of my friends are surprised that I am able to talk about it (my wedding) so casually given that's it's the biggest day of my life, and even more so because I've been in love with the guy for more than sixteen years now, but somehow it still hasn't sunk in yet. The same way that the fact that I am actually already engaged to him hasn't sunk in. I might probably start believing that as the wedding date gets closer. And maybe a few months after I'm married, I might actually believe that too. But as of now, it all seems like a wonderful dream, and if, in fact, it is, I do not wish to wake up.

Wait. That absolutely was not what I wanted to write about. But then again I didn't start writing this with something specific on my mind. Speaking of 'on my mind' there's actually a lot going on. I've had a busy past few days and a horrible week with a severe case of food poisoning that may or may not have included projectile vomiting, but I am sure not a single soul would be interested in knowing about that.

I've also had a few thoughts about sharing a few life lessons I've learned in the past few days but I guess I'll save those for after I'm married because I don't want to sound like grandmother now. And that kind of leaves me with nothing in particular to write about and that defeats the whole purpose of this post because I've practically wasted this glorious alone time I've had.

Even so, I am not disappointed because I've managed to write something after a really really long time. I could have written sooner but those acrylic nails I had on for my engagement (because my real ones broke four days before I really needed them to look pretty on my hands) got in the way of using the keyboard without feeling the extreme urge of breaking it because typing with those nails on was being the most irritating thing second only to having to tie a tiny bow with baker's twine for a card that I was making. 

I'm glad to finally have them off and being able to type without even having to look at the keyboard. Okay, I look sometimes, but I'm faster than most. :D

So as I was saying, there's too much on my platter right now. To that, add the stress of packing your whole life up (that includes tons of clothes and girly stuff, hundreds of books,countless craft supplies and a zillion memories) and moving in a few months... and then the whole mental preparedness for that, you'll know what I mean. I'm not even sure if that last sentence (or the whole blog post for that matter) made sense, but that's just what I feel right now.

It's weird and it's exciting. I am scared but I can't wait for it!!! :D :D :D

P.S. I can't believe I wrote about my engagement, my wedding and projectile vomiting in the same bloody post. I must be really sick.

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