Monday, 14 May 2012

Letting Go...

I will admit, it's not easy leaving behind something that was your baby for over three years, knowing that you spent years nurturing it, days thinking about what to do next, and countless hours dressing it up; knowing that it was something that was as dear to you as your best friend and BAM! Suddenly one day you have to let it go because some psycho won't let you live your life without poking his nose and just leave you be. Yes, I am talking about my old blog - a place that has immortalised so many memories, has helped me grow as a writer, and has been so close to my heart that I talk about it like it were in fact a little baby.

It has been a very hard decision, this whole starting afresh thing; the main reason being I cannot bring even a single post from my previous blog for the fear of being Googled and traced back to this new place. It's not like I am ashamed, I'm just tired of having someone in my face especially when I really don't give a rat's ass about their opinion. I can have no connection with the life that I have written about during the past three years. It's a harsh deal, but it's worth it, because from the posts becoming few and far in between, I had stopped writing completely and that pissed me off. My blog was supposed to be my "Rough Book" where I made my writing mistakes and also my Personal diary but someone seemed to be misusing their right to have access to my thoughts. And I had to think worry about what I might have to read once I did manage to write something and that pissed me off more than not being able to write. Hence the new blog.

But I kind of like one thing about it, the fact that the writer behind this blog doesn't have to be the real me; I can be anyone I want. That doesn't mean my writing or my thoughts are going to be someone else's; it's just the name. So I decided to be my favourite character from TV - Jackie Burkhart; who's fun, narcissistic, sassy, (oh so) pretty and AWESOME!! I might not be totally like her, but I am a little bit of all those things so it's not a name that I cannot totally identify with. And did I mention that I loved her on the show???

So anyway, here's my new Diary and Rough Note Book all in one and you are one of those few people who really have access to it right from the first post - the people who really know me and know who's the person writing this blog. :)

Welcome, once again to my online journal and you can once again start expecting long posts in the wee hours of the morning or any other time of the day depending on my caffeine intake. Just one request though, please avoid using my real name if you decide to comment on any of the posts. That's it!!

Will write soon,


P.S. You know who I am! ;)

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