Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I chose pimples over death

Mangoes and I have had a love-hate relationship for the past few years, in the sense that I love them with all my heart and they seem to hate me from the very centre of their ripe core because every time I eat even a slice, my face showcases at least one pimple within 24 hours. When I realised that that was what mangoes were doing to me, we had a heated argument where I yelled that I loved them so much and they seemed to hate me which was ungrateful and soooo not the way to return someone's love. 

 After a lot of jibber-jabber, as a compromise, they agreed to spare me from the pimple attack if I agreed to soak them in water overnight so they could turn the heat down (so to speak!) That seemed fair to me. It was better for our relationship if the heat was turned down a little bit. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Letting Go...

I will admit, it's not easy leaving behind something that was your baby for over three years, knowing that you spent years nurturing it, days thinking about what to do next, and countless hours dressing it up; knowing that it was something that was as dear to you as your best friend and BAM! Suddenly one day you have to let it go because some psycho won't let you live your life without poking his nose and just leave you be. Yes, I am talking about my old blog - a place that has immortalised so many memories, has helped me grow as a writer, and has been so close to my heart that I talk about it like it were in fact a little baby.